Fiberglass mesh

Fiberglass meshes are manufactured from alkali free, 9-21 µm filament, type E glass yarn and roving. Products are saturated with phenol-formaldehyde resin. Each individual mesh size can be manufactured in the following standards:

  • plain

  • with velo (20,30 or 40g/m²) backing

  • with black paper (35g/m²) backing

Impregnated fiberglass mesh contain 25 to 40% resin and 8 to 15% volatiles by weight. Plain mesh and mesh with paper backing do not require polyethylene or wax paper separator. The most delicate assortments RXV-08 and RXV-10 do have polyethylene separator.

Yellow is the standard mesh color however it can be manufactured in black. Modifications to standard products can be made after consulting.