Manufacturer of technical textiles

For over 20 years we have offered professional solutions to wide range of composite material users. Our high end technical parameter products are made using materials coming from top European and worldwide suppliers. Rymatex uses individual approach to meet customer’s specific expectations and needs. This philosophy allows us to deliver the best performing material possible.

Rymatex - producent tkanin technicznych oraz matotkanin z włókna szklanego i węglowego
Construction industry
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Electric and electronic industries
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Renewable energy
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Sport and Recreation
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Tool industry
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Pipe retrofitting
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Unlimited potential of our products Manufacturer of technical textiles and glass / carbon fiber mat fabrics

The experience gained over the years has allowed us to develop a good and stable market position by providing quality products to companies in many industries. Our solutions are successfully used among others in construction, infrastructure, transport, aviation and tool industry. In addition our products are perfect as composite materials in renewable energy applications and sports equipment.



Maintaining high quality of the products and services is ensured thanks to professional, reliable and meticulous approach during execution of works. Rymatex based its operation on the implemented Integrated Quality PN-EN ISO 9001:2015, Environment Protection PN-EN ISO 14001:2015 and Occupational Health and Safety PN-N 45001:2018 Management System.


Founded in 2002 Rymatex supplies wide range of technical reinforcements for different applications to many industries. Our company uses individual approach to meet customer’s specific expectations and needs. This philosophy allows us to arrive at the best performing material possible.


CSR of the Company is based on effective, international standards and it implements the strategy of value growth in a balanced and responsible manner. The Company focuses its CSR actions on environmental factors.

Our products


Rymatex provides customer support in the following areas:

Individual material selection.
Manufacture of composite samples from selected materials
Lab tests performed on raw materials and composite samples.
Cut to measure service – preparing material for direct processing and elimination of waste handling issues at customer’s plant.

Serwis Rymatex

material selection

Serwis Rymatex

Manufacture of composite samples

Serwis Rymatex


Serwis Rymatex

Cut to measure

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